Are you considering a residential gate control system for your property? A gate access control system is a security feature that allows only authorized individuals or vehicles to enter private property. This added layer of security is useful for both private residences and commercial properties. However choosing the best gate access control system is important for the optimal experience. Below we have listed the top 10 features one should look for when trying to find a gate access control system. 

Access Control Technology 

When choosing the ideal residential gate control system, you want to be sure that you are selecting the right access control technology. There are a few different types of access control tech, and each is useful for different things. One of the most common for residential gate control systems is RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. This access control uses radio waves to read info on a key fob. This is often used in garages and other vehicle crossings, because it allows the user to open the gate without exiting the vehicle. 

Other Access Control Technology includes biometric systems, which use physical characteristics to allow authorized personnel to enter. These can include fingerprints, or facial recognition. For obvious reasons, biometric access control gates are very pricey as they require expert installation and programming, as well as updates and maintenance. 

Finally, a common access control technology is the use of a keypad. These are the most common choice, as it allows multiple people to use the gate by sharing of the access code. The access code can also be changed if it happens to fall into the hands of those who do not have access. 

Gate Security Cameras 

In addition to the physical barrier of a gate, security cameras provide even more monitoring of individuals entering and exiting the property. This can be especially useful for controlled work sites. In case of a security breach, these cameras can capture images of the individuals responsible. 

Remote Access and Monitoring 

For properties with a security office or control room, Remote Access Monitoring allows the gate to be opened from a single location. Having to go through a control room for entry allows for complete management of individuals and vehicles entering and exiting the property. 

Visitor Logs and Management 

Visitor logs and management can be important for secure properties. These access control systems allow you to register and track visitors on the property, and can become integrated with your gate access control system for added security. By creating and managing the visitor log, owners will be able to find out exactly who is on the property and when. 

Access Control Intercom Systems 

Access Control Intercom Systems are one of the most widely used gate access control systems for both commercial and residential properties. By allowing visitors to “call in” on the intercom at the gate, you can choose who enters remotely after they have verified their identity and add an extra layer of security. 

Gate and Fence Alarm Systems 

Alarm systems are considered one of the best options for those looking to thoroughly secure a property. These systems trigger an alarm during a security breach or attempted break-in. These alarm systems can sound a siren alarm, create flashing lights/flood lights, notify security personnel, or even call the police. If you want an effective access control system for your property, consider an alarm. 

Auxiliary Power Supply

Preparing for power blackouts is essential for any kind of gate access control system. Otherwise, failed power could mean being locked in or outside of the property. Be sure to get a backup power supply for your access control system in case of a power failure to ensure that authorized persons can still enter and exit the property. 


The scalability of a gate access control system is its potential to be added too and built upon. This is important for access control systems on properties that are growing and changing. If you are planning on adding or changing your property, you need a gate access control system that can accommodate growth with minimal adjustment and added cost. 

Gate Access Control Customization

Similar to scalability, customization is an essential feature of gate access control systems. This is especially true for businesses and organizations who plan to expand their properties or have specific needs, such as a loading bay or place for mail to be delivered. Customizable gate access control features include programmable access codes, layers of security clearance and time-based restrictions. 

Gate Access Control Interface 

Access control needs to be user friendly in order to be effective. Ideal gate access control interfaces have clear instructions and an easily navigated menu of options. 

Gate Access Control Systems for Residences, Businesses and Communities. 

A gate access control system is a key element of security for residences, businesses and communities! By combining gate access control with the systems featured above you will be able to ensure a safe property. 

Still Not Sure? Here are the Top 6 Reasons to Add a Gate Access Control System to Your Property

If you are on the fence about adding a gate access control system (pun intended) then consider the numerous benefits. Read on to learn some ways gate access control can help your property. 

Property Security

A gate and an access control system is considered the gold standard for securing your property. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, a gate access control system will be able to ensure that only individuals with proper access will be able to enter. By preventing unauthorized entry and vehicles you can deter vandalism, theft, and other security breaches. 

Access Control

Proper gate access control allows a centralized system that can monitor who enters and exits the property. No more worrying about duplicate keys or picked locks, gate access control is a much more comprehensive way to secure your property. A visitor management system can also be used to further control traffic on the property. 

Traffic Efficiency 

By using a well designed gate control system, you can control and streamline the traffic to your property. Whether it be foot traffic or delivery vehicles, a clear entry and exit with a visitor log can streamline the process and prevent wasted time and damage to vehicles. You can also keep a log of all incidents or accidents that may take place. 

Reduced Security Costs

An automated gate control system eliminates the need for gate security personnel while using round the clock surveillance. If you use a centralized security system combined with alarms and security cameras, you can survey large areas with minimal feet on the ground personnel. These Gate Access Control features can get top notch security for your property without breaking the bank paying for additional personnel. 

Raised Property Value

A gate access control system improves the value of all properties, especially commercial gate access control systems. By enhancing security and providing an attractive fence and gate, gate access control systems make your property more attractive to future buyers

Gate Access Control Systems Installation Cost

If we have convinced you to add a gate access control system to your property, fantastic! But you are probably wondering what a project like that would cost. Adding a gate access control your property can easily tighten security and raise property value, but it can be a very expensive undertaking, 

A budget for installing a gate access control system can vary depending on a variety of factors. Here are some of the main factors that can affect the budget of building a gate access installation:

Type of Gate

The type of gate you have on your property can affect installation costs. The gate’s material, height, weight and hinge type will all be taken into account. A simple, lighter gate on a single set of hinges is going to be less expensive than more elaborate gates that roll on a track or require heavy machinery. 

Type of Gate Access Control System

We have talked a lot about the different types of gate access control systems in this article, and the type you choose will greatly impact your installation costs. If you want just a basic gate access control system, for example a simple keypad or RSID opener, it will be less expensive. The more elaborate the gate access control tech, the more you can expect to pay for parts and installation labor costs. Such elaborate security features as biometric screenings, intercoms and facial ID all are going to cost more. 

Electrical Wiring

The installation of a gate access control system requires an electrical infrastructure that can handle the power needs of the gate access control system. If your gate access control system needs to be installed far away from your power supply then your property may need to be updated by an electrician for new wiring, which can be costly. In addition, private residences often do not have outlets that can reach the capacity needed to run a gate access control system, so those will need to be updated to install the gate. 

Gate Customization 

Like any other construction project, the level of customization desired will impact the bill. If you want your property to be outfitted with a standard gate, it will be less expensive than a custom built gate. Security features such as security cameras, intercoms and installation will also affect the overall cost of the gate. 

Labor Costs

Labor required will also play a significant role in the total installation cost of a gate access control system. The labor costs will depend on the complexity of the installation, the installation location, the size of the project, and the level of experience and skill of the technicians needed. 

Maintenance and Support

Finally, it's essential to consider the maintenance and support costs associated with a gate access control system. Modern, cutting edge security systems such as biometrics and face ID will require software updates to function properly. All security systems will require upgrades, repairs, or regular maintenance to ensure it continues to function correctly, and the more elaborate the system the more maintenance costs you can expect. It's important to factor these costs into the overall cost of the system to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the total cost of ownership.

Gate Access Control Systems 

Gate Access Control systems are a great security feature to add to your property, and an excellent investment for any residential, commercial or industrial property owner. Gate Access Control systems provide property benefits outside of enhanced security, such as foot and car traffic control, visitor access control and streamlined security processes. Gate Access Controls prevent vandalism, theft and unwanted loitering. Gate access controls protect your property and offer peace of mind. 

Gate Access Control systems also come with a wide selection of security features that add cost effective safety solutions to your property. With Gate Access Control systems you can prevent the use of duplicate keys, unwanted visitors and manage property traffic all without added security personnel. Efficient and effective security with ease! 

Moreover, gate access control systems, especially those with high-tech security features, are a good investment to increase the overall value of the property. Potential buyers will look at this enhanced security as an attractive feature and make your property more competitive on the market. Gates and fences also offer a sense of grandeur and elegance that is often sought after in high-end properties. 

In conclusion, the benefits of gate access control systems that include such security features as intercoms, keypad entry, automatic gate openers and security cameras are an excellent investment for any property owner or manager. Whether you are concerned about security, want a more efficient property or just want to streamline and improve your property, a gate access control system can help you do so. By working with a top rated gate access control installation provider, you can be sure that you have a system that meets your properties needs. Get peace of mind and protection for your property with a gate access control system. 

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