A gate with access control is a great way to boost your home security. In today’s world property owners need to be prepared for possible burglaries and home invasions. If you want to take steps to protect your property and loved ones, consider a gate access control system to provide security and peace of mind. Read on to learn more about how a gate access control can improve your home security. 

Gate access control secures your property

Gates are not new, and have existed for more or less the same purpose since ancient times. A gate (and surrounding fence) restricts access to your home and property. With a gate access control system, your property is only available to people and vehicles that have your pre-approved entry. This is especially useful in areas with high crime rates or properties that have issues with unapproved vehicles passing through or parking. By using a gate access control system, you decide who enters the property and when. 

Improves perimeter security 

A gate access control system provides an additional layer of protection to your property and all of the structures on it. Modern gate access control systems can feature such theft deterrents as security cameras and motion sensors, which send an alert if someone is trying to gain access to your property. This goes beyond a home alarm system and gives you security for the entire property. 

Security and privacy for your property

Do you have issues with trespassers? Finding it hard to keep other people’s cars from cluttering up your driveway? Do you just want to feel safe and peaceful in your home? A gate access control system allows you to have complete control over who can be on your property and when. No more nosy neighbors and unwanted traffic! 

Safety and convenience

Gate access control is safe and convenient! With a gate control system you can open and close the gate without leaving your car, no need to manually open and close! With a keypad, intercom or remote control opener you can open and close the gate with ease. Modern gates also come equipped with safety features that sense objects in their path and offer quick release gate opening in the event of a power outage. 

Improves property aesthetics and value

An automatic gate does not just protect your property from vandals and thieves. A well designed gate with a quality access control system provides curb appeal to your home and increases your properties overall value. Whether or not you live in a neighborhood where security is a concern, a home with an automatic gate is attractive to potential buyers. 

More Ways to Keep Your Property Safe with Gate Access Control

Not convinced? Here are a few more ways that an automatic gate access control system and safety accessories can keep your private or commercial property safe and secure, giving you peace of mind. 

Get the right type of gate for your property

Like any other addition to your property, you want to be sure that the gate you select meets your needs. There are lots of options to choose from, including materials such as steel and wood. There are also different options for properties with limited space for gates, such as folding gates and slide gates. Swing gates are more commonly used on properties with lots of space to allow the gate to swing open and shut with ease. All of these installations may require clearing of foliage and landscaping, so take that into account when you are considering adding a gate with a gate access control system to your property. 

Install security features to your gate

Modern automatic gate control systems come with a wide variety of optional security features. These include a security camera, motion sensors and alarm systems that can be combined with the gate operating system. This allows you to not only monitor who enters and exits your property, but can provide crucial evidence in the event of a break in. But mostly, these extra security measures act as a strong deterrent to any potential intruders, making them think twice before unlawfully entering your property. 

Use gate access control systems

Gate access control systems include things like remote control openers, password protected intercom systems and more advanced security systems such as fingerprint or face recognition. This allows you to control who accesses your property even when you are not present. By only allowing trusted individuals access to the gate openers, you can prevent unauthorized access and improve overall security. 

Get the right kind of Gate Access Control system for your property

Not all gate access control systems are created equal. All of these gate systems come with specs that include how much weight the gate access control system can move, how much maintenance is required, and how many times a day the gate can be opened and closed. If you have a small, personal property and a small gate, your gate access control system needs are different from someone with a commercial property that features a large, heavy gate that needs to be opened and closed many times a day. Be sure to do your research and find the right gate access control system for your properties specific needs. 

Gate access control safety features

In the past people have been injured by poorly installed or otherwise unsafe gate access control systems. That is why it is important to buy the best gate access control system that contains crucial safety features. These are different from the security features mentioned before that include cameras. 

Gate access control safety features include sensors that detect when the gate’s path is obstructed to automatically stop the gate’s movement. They also can emit a warning sound to anyone too close to the closing gate. In addition, you need a gate access control system that allows manual opening in the event of a power outage. This brings us to our next point: 

Gate access control power sources and alternative power sources

Gate Access Control systems run on electricity, so to have one installed you need to be prepared. Outdoor wiring may need to be updated to accommodate the extra strain of the gate access security system, or alternative energy sources such as wind or solar may need to be installed. It is also important that the gate access control system has a backup energy source in the event of a power outage. 

Regular updates and maintenance

Like any other advanced security feature, your automatic gate will require regular maintenance to operate effectively and safely. When budgeting to add a gate access security system to your personal or commercial property, factor in the amount of maintenance that will be required. This can include cleaning, replacing damaged parts and checking for wear and tear. More elaborate security systems also require software updates as well as physical repair to ensure they continue running smoothly. 

Regularly test the gate's operation

In addition to maintenance, you need to regularly test your gate access control system and all of its security systems to be sure they are functioning properly. By regularly checking your gate’s sensors, safety features and access control systems you can be sure that your gate is ready when you need it to be. Otherwise, you run the risk of paying for security systems that don’t function when you need them to, compromising the security of your property. 

Security Gate Access Control Systems

An automatic gate access control system, complete with security features, can go a long way to securing your property. However, you need to be sure you are getting the right kind of security and gate access control system. In addition to installing security features and regular maintenance, you need to be sure that you are getting a gate made of the right materials. Read on to learn about different gate materials and what kind you want to properly secure your property. 

Different gate materials and access control systems 

We have talked a lot about different ways that a secure gate access control system can improve the safety of your property. However, it is important to note that if you want your property to be truly secure, the type of gate material you choose and the type of gate access control system will make a difference. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most common gate materials to choose from. 


Steel is the most popular choice for security gates. This is due not only to steel’s strength and durability, but also its ability to be easily customized. From screens to bars and customizable decorative designs, steel is a great choice for both form and function. Steel is difficult to cut or break, and is especially resistant to weather damage. This means more security and less replacements and maintenance, which is especially useful in places with high crime and/or lots of rain and snow. 


Aluminum is more than tin foil! This malleable material is lightweight and durable, as well as resistant to weather damage. They also tend to be less expensive than steel gates. Aluminum gates are also lighter and therefore require less horsepower to move than steel gates. Aluminum gates are easy to maintain and can be customized with different colors and patterns. However, Aluminum doesn’t have the strength of steel gates. If you want maximum security, steel is the way to go. 

Wrought Iron

The classics are classic for a reason. Wrought Iron gates can be found on old estates and even castles…it doesn’t get much classier than that! Wrought Iron gates are elegant and durable, made from hot iron that has been molded into a particular shape (usually bars or screens, depending on how much privacy the owner would like.) Wrought Iron is resistant to weather damage and can stand for hundreds of years. However, these gates are extremely heavy and expensive, especially custom made. While they are a lovely aesthetic choice, their size and expense make them a less popular choice for budget conscious property owners. 

Plastic (PVC/Vinyl)

Those looking for a lightweight, cost effective gate could consider plastic. These gates are resistant to weather damage and lightweight, making them a good choice for places that experience extreme weather. However, PVC gates are flimsier than other options listed here, and are often hollow– allowing them to be broken fairly easily. In addition, the process of creating a PVC gate is damaging to the environment, and the plastic tends to fade in the sun over time, giving your property a run-down look. While definitely one of the least expensive gate options, PVC leaves something to be desired for aesthetics and longevity. 


Wooden gates are great for homeowners who want a natural look for their property. Depending on the type of wood you get and its treatment, wooden gates can also be a less expensive choice than metal or plastic. However, wooden gates do not have the security of metal or the durability of plastic. Even when the wood is treated, it can be susceptible to damage like termites or rot. Wood is also less secure than metal. But with regular maintenance and wood treating, you shouldn’t have any issues. Sustainably sourced wood is also a more environmentally friendly choice than many others. 

Gate Access Control to Secure your Private and commercial properties. 

Choosing a gate to secure your property is a large investment, so it is important to do your research ahead of time. You need a gate that can meet your specific security needs, as well as your budget and property aesthetics. Consider the weather, as well as the security needs of your property when choosing a gate material. 

After that, it is important to do the research and find a gate access control system and security features that match your budget and needs. For high crime areas you might need more security features, but for lower crime areas you might be fine with just the gate. Whatever you decide to do, a gate access control system can help the appearance of your property, as well as the security. This enhances property value and gives you much needed peace of mind. 

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