Getting an Eagle Access Control system for your gate is a great way to add safety and security to your property, as well as improve the property's value. Eagle gate openers are specially designed to prevent unauthorized access and lower the risk of theft, vandalism, and other crime. Eagle gate operators come in a wide variety of styles for all different types of commercial, industrial, and residential properties. For those who are serious about property security, Eagle access control systems can be equipped with accessories and parts to improve the security and safety of the property. Read on to learn about the best Eagle access control system parts and accessories.

Access Control Readers

Access Control Readers are access control devices that allow authorized persons access to the property. The most common kinds of access control readers for large properties are things like keypads with a code, or remote control openers. Other access control readers can read the license plates on cars, and certain high tech access control readers can even use biometric scanners. What kind of access control reader you want to accessorize your eagle gate opener with depends on what kind of property you have and how many people will need to be authorized to access it.

Access Boxes for Emergency Vehicles

If you have an accident on your property, you do not want your gate access control system to prevent emergency personnel from accessing the property. Not only is not having access for emergency vehicles dangerous, it can potentially make you liable for lawsuits if your security prevents emergency personnel from accessing commercial or industrial property. That is why it is so important to outfit your Eagle gate opener with an access box for emergency services such as police and fire. 

Car Detection Sensors

Car detection sensors are used to detect the presence of a vehicle at the gate, and can automatically open the gate for all oncoming vehicles. This accessory is especially useful for properties that expect car traffic during certain hours, but need to restrict access at other times. Car detection sensors can be put on the gate or embedded in the driveway in front of it. 

Security Cameras 

These days security cameras are the standard of building security. Many of Eagle Access Control’s systems come equipped with security cameras that are activated by motion near the gate or just run continuously. This enhances security of the gate while also providing useful video evidence in case of suspicious activity or an attempted break in. 

License Plate Reader Cameras

License plate recognition cameras are Eagle gate opener accessories that can automatically read and identify the license plates of cars at the gate. This is usually accomplished using a security camera that is specially equipped with tech that can read license plates and compare them against a database of vehicles with approved access. It can also prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing the property, and keep a detailed log of what vehicles pass through the gates and when. 

Intercom Systems

Most gate opener accessories feature an intercom system, and eagle access control systems are no different. The reason is simple– intercom systems are a great way to manage access to private, commercial or industrial properties. By being able to communicate with security personnel without leaving the vehicle, it is easy to identify visitors and control access. Intercom systems are popular at places like apartment complexes, or other residential properties that want to control visitors but not prevent them, and who want to keep a log of visitors. 

Remote Access Control 

Remote access control systems allow security personnel to control access to the property and control of the gate from a remote location. This can be managed by security cameras and opening systems in a remote control room, which also allows security to manage the gate in real time without having to be physically present. Remote access control provides top security with less staff, and is great for locations where many gates need to be watched and managed at one time, such as commercial and industrial gate access control properties. 

Auxiliary Power Supply

If you want a truly secure property, a backup or auxiliary power supply is a must have eagle access control accessory. These backup power supplies ensure that, in case of an outage, your gate access control remains operational. Otherwise, you run the risk of the gate not functioning properly and leaving your property open during a power outage, or worse, locking authorized personnel out. 

Anti-Scaling Devices 

Anti-Scaling Devices, sometimes called anti-climb devices or climbing deterrents, are suggested for high crime areas and are an extreme safety measure. These devices can be as visually assertive as razor wire on top of the gate and surrounding fence or can be more subtle, such as anti-climb paint. Anti-climb paint is incredibly thick and has an oily texture that makes getting a foothold or grip on the gate impossible. 

Eagle Gate Opener Accessories to Improve Security

The best security comes from innovation. By selecting the appropriate parts and accessories for your eagle gate access control system you can improve both the functionality and efficiency of your security system. Check out our website to find the best security accessories for your Eagle gate opener. 

Important Upgrades and Maintenance for Access Control Systems 

Eagle gate access control systems can improve the security of your property and give you safety and peace of mind. These systems restrict access to the property, and can be used remotely for ease. However, the technology required to run these access control systems requires regular upgrades and maintenance to continue operating effectively. Read on to learn about the upgrades and maintenance suggested for gate access control systems. 

Gate Access Control Hardware Maintenance

When one thinks of regular maintenance, they are generally thinking about hardware maintenance. These regular updates include replacing parts that wear down over time such as gate motors, sensors, chains, and camera lenses for access control readers and security cameras. By updating the moving parts and cleaning, lubricating, and testing the hardware components you can keep your security system functioning and extend the life of the system. 

Security System Software Updates

As opposed to hardware maintenance, software maintenance is not often thought of. However, keeping the software up to date on your security system is crucial to keeping your high-tech security functioning. Software updates can include things such as bug fixes, security patches, and improved monitoring features. Regular software updates are essential to your Eagle Access Control system to ensure the system remains up-to-date and able to provide the highest level of security possible.

Main and Auxiliary Power Sources

Having an up-to-date power supply is important to gate access control systems. In order to keep your gate functioning properly, your power supply needs to be regularly maintained and tested to ensure it is working properly. In addition, all auxiliary or backup power sources should be regularly tested to ensure that they work during a power outage. As the saying goes, a power outage is not a good time to find out your generator is not working property. Be sure to check these systems regularly and fix them before you need them. 

Access Control Readers

Access control readers, such as the radio that works with a key fob, need to be regularly checked and updated. This can prevent unauthorized people from using expired keys, but also gives you a chance to change hardware, and check that the reader is functioning correctly. Some more advanced readers also require regular software updates in addition to hardware updates to function optimally. 

Security Cameras and Motion Sensors

Security cameras and motion sensors have both been mentioned as great accessories for your Eagle gate access system. However, they do require regular maintenance. It could be as simple as making sure the lens is clear and uncracked and that the motion sensors are unobstructed, but it may also require the replacing of batteries, hardware and software updates. 

Security Data Systems and Recognition Cameras

If you use license plate recognition cameras, fingerprint or facial recognition cameras you will need to update both the hardware of the cameras as well as the software and information in the security data systems. If the system is not up to date you risk security leaks, so be sure to run all software updates on your security data systems and keep recognition cameras up-to-date. 

Eagle Access Control Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Use 

Eagle access control systems are  designed to provide your gated property with enhanced security and convenience. Whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial property, a gate access control system with the right accessories can improve your property. Read on to learn more about how Access Control Systems improve residential, commercial and industrial properties. 

Industrial properties

Industrial properties, such as factories, power plants, and oil refineries, require the highest level of security to protect expensive equipment and dangerous materials. For these industrial properties, Eagle Gate access control systems can enhance security by preventing unauthorized access to certain areas and monitoring potential safety hazards. Security systems on places like construction sites can prevent theft and monitor any potential damage. 

They can also provide customizable access for employees, vendors, and contractors. If you require different levels of access for different employees or contractors, you need an access control system that can be customized. Many industrial properties also can benefit from remote monitoring of their security systems, to be able to cover many different locations with minimal staff. This generally involves CCTV cameras or motion sensors with remote access control systems.

Residential properties

Gate access control systems are becoming increasingly popular for residential properties. These systems can provide homeowners with enhanced security, peace of mind and convenience. Gate access control systems can help prevent unauthorized access to a property, increasing security for homeowners and their families. Many choose to have an intercom system that lets the person visiting identify themselves before being allowed on the property. 

Gate access control systems are also convenient for residential properties, as they allow homeowners to control the gate without having to be physically present. These systems alo have customizable access that can determine and change who has access to the property. These systems tend to add glamor to a property, and often increase the property's sale value. 

Commercial properties

Commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses, can benefit greatly from gate access control systems. The appeal of enhanced security, especially things like gates and window guards, are obvious in acting as a theft deterrent and protecting assets and inventory. However, a gate access control system can also improve commercial properties efficiency by managing traffic and lowering congestion. 

Customizable access also allows employees and vendors to access different parts of the commercial property than customers, adding another layer of protection. Finally, a gate access control system provides accountability by keeping a record of who exits and enters and when. In case of a theft or vandalism on your commercial property,  this kind of footage can provide valuable evidence to the authorities and insurance companies. 

Eagle Access Control Systems

There can be no doubt that gate access control systems are an essential component of modern security systems. Whether you have a commercial property, a residential property or an industrial property, Eagle access control systems can provide safety and security. By using appropriate parts and accessories, such as license plate readers, security cameras and intercom systems, the functionality and efficiency of your access control system can be significantly improved.

Access control readers, vehicle detection sensors, license plate recognition cameras, intercom systems, video surveillance systems, remote access control, backup power supplies, and anti-climb devices are just some of the accessories that can be used to enhance the security of gate access control systems. By implementing these accessories and getting proper maintenance for their Eagle Access Control system, property owners can ensure that their gate access control systems provide the highest level of security for the longest time possible. 

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