When people think of property gates they usually think of swing gates– which are the large gates that swing open through the use of automatic swing gate openers. These gates are popular for a lot of reasons– they are luxurious, and great for security as well as aesthetics. We have gathered everything you need to know about adding a swing gate to your property below!

Three Reasons You Should Consider an Automatic Swing Gate

Read on for three reasons why a swing gate with an automatic swing gate opener is a good choice for your property:

Classic Design

Swing gates are classic! These gates provide an elegant look to a property, whether it be commercial, industrial or private. With a wide variety of designs and materials, you will be able to customize your automatic swing gate to match both the size and the style of your property! These gates can come in different materials to match the surroundings. Automatic sliding gates can be made from metal such as iron and aluminum, or wood.

Ease of Use

There was a time where opening a gate to your property meant parking the car, unlocking the gate and pushing it open, only to reverse the process once you got inside. With a swing gate, securely entering or exiting your property is as easy as the push of a button. Automatic swing gates can be opened by remote controls kept in the car or even a push keypad. Some users add an intercom to be able to vet potential visitors.

Swing Gate Security 

With an automatic swing gate you get the best of convenience and security. These gates can either be a continuation of a fence, or simply put over the driveway to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering. The best part is that modern swing gate operating systems come with safety features that prevent potential accidents, such as obstruction detection. This prevents anything from getting crushed by the gate. With an automatic swing gate you keep your family and property safe without ever leaving your car!

Choosing the top Automatic Swing Gate Opener

If you want your swing gate to operate smoothly and with minimal maintenance, you need to choose an appropriate automatic swing gate opener for your property. To do so, you need to consider several factors about your gate and security needs. Read on to find out what you need to know to choose the best automatic swing gate operator. 

Gate Measurements, Weight and Materials 

What kind of swing gate are you looking for? Do you need a small, wooden residential swing gate opener, or a metal commercial swing gate opener? Do you want a single swing gate, or double swing gates? These are all things that need to be considered to find the best automatic swing gate opening system for your needs. For optimal use, be sure your automatic swing gate operator can handle the weight of your swing gate. Generally, aluminum and wooden gates are lighter than iron or steel gates, but you will need to know the exact weight and size of your gates to find an automatic opener that works. 

Powering Your Automatic Swing Gate Opener

Swing gate openers operate on electricity, so they need to be either wired into an electrical outlet or connected to a renewable energy source such as wind or solar. If you are using an electrical outlet in a commercial or residential setting, consider the voltage capacity of that outlet. Some automatic swing gate openers require more power than can be siphoned from a standard outlet and require specialty wiring. Another thing to consider is having a backup opening device, in case the power fails. 

Swing Gate Traffic 

Knowing how much traffic, and what kind, your swing gate will get can help determine what sort of operating system would make the most sense for your property. This is important to determine because automatic swing gate openers have something called a “duty cycle”-- this is the amount of cycles a swing gate operator can perform in sixty minutes. If you are getting a gate for a higher traffic area you want a higher duty cycle. For smaller, lower traffic gates you can get an operator with a lower duty cycle, which can be less expensive. 

Gate Safety Features 

Swing gates can be dangerous if they are not equipped with a gate opener that has safety features. Luckily most modern swing gate openers have safety features that include obstruction detection, which will stop the gate from closing if there is something blocking it. This is important not just for car safety, but to anyone on the property, especially small children and pets. Another safety feature is the ability to manually open and close the gate in the event of power failure to the swing gate operating system. Some swing operating systems can even be equipped with safety cameras that activate whenever the gate is opened, which can be beneficial in high-traffic commercial sites. 

Price Shopping

Like any other investment to your property, you need to do your homework. Once you have narrowed down the specs of the swing gate, such as size, material and weight as well as the features you need, you are ready to start shopping. When it comes to a large investment like this, quality matters. Be sure to find the business that has the best Swing Gate Opener at a price point that makes sense to you. 

By following these steps, you can choose the best swing gate operator for your property that is efficient, reliable, safe, and within your budget

Choosing the Right Swing Gate and Automatic Swing Gate Opener For Your Property 

Every property has different needs, and therefore no one swing gate will be good for them all. The swing gate needs of a large, industrial or commercial property are going to be very different from those who want a small swing gate for private property. When choosing the best swing gate you need to consider security needs, privacy needs, convenience, and aesthetics. In some cases, local rules on gates and fences need to be considered as well. Here we have listed the different types of swing gates and what properties they may be best for. 

Single Swing Gate

Simplicity at its finest, a single swing gate is exactly what it sounds like– a gate made of one panel that swings on one set of hinges. These gates are often used for smaller, private property as they do not take up a lot of space and do not require a high powered automatic gate opener. Single Swing Gates also allow for a lot of customization in design and materials to match your properties aesthetics and budget. These gates can be quite sturdy, but the security needs of your property should be considered when choosing material.

Double Swing Gate

Grand and dramatic, a double swing gate is what most people think of when they picture entering a grand establishment. These two swing gates take up a lot of space, but they are very secure, which makes them a good choice for larger properties with lots of space and wide driveways. These gates can also be found in a variety of materials and styles. 

Bi-Folding Swing Gate

These gates are perfect for smaller properties that still want a swing gate. A Bi-Folding swing gate has two panels that hinge in the center, which is perfect for upwards sloping driveways and properties with limited space. These gates often need to be custom built to smaller properties, which can be expensive. However, having a tailor-made bi-folding gate can provide driveway security that might not be otherwise possible. 

Custom Swing Gate

Do you have a property with unique challenges, such as heavy snowfall, sloped driveways or security concerns? If so, don’t worry– a custom swing gate can be made that is a perfect fit for your property. You can choose the materials, design, and features such as security cameras, access controls and automatic swing gate openers. While by far the most expensive option, this is the fastest way to get the exact gate your property needs. 

How Much does Installing an Automatic Swing Gate Cost?

The estimated cost of installing a swing gate depends on what your needs are, and the installation requirements. We have listed the factors that impact the cost of installing a swing gate and automatic swing gate opener on your property, and have provided estimates to help you get an idea of what sort of budget your swing gate project needs. 

Materials needed

The size and materials needed to make the swing gate can significantly impact overall cost. Obviously the larger the gate, the more materials required and therefore a higher cost. In addition, heavier materials such as iron or steel tend to cost more than lighter materials like aluminum and wood. While all prices can vary, a safe estimate for a single swing gate made of aluminum or wood could be less than two thousand dollars. However, a much larger steel gate could cost you anywhere between five and ten thousand dollars. 

Gate Design

Gate Design can also impact the overall price of a swing gate. For many industrial and commercial property needs, a standard sized gate will do the trick. However if you have specific design needs, such as a bi-foldng swing gate for a narrow driveway or specialty ornate patterned gates, that will greatly inflate the cost due to the craftsmanship involved to design and install. 

Swing Gate Automation and Operators 

Automatic gates are the pinnacle of safety and convenience, but this comes at a price. Automated gates require speciality swing gate operating systems, and depending on how much the gate will be used, these automatic openers can be expensive. This is not including the cost of labor and electric wiring to support the use of the automatic swing gate opener. 

Installation and Power Requirements

The installation requirements of the swing gate can also impact the overall cost of the project. Factors such as the ground's condition, accessibility, space required, removal of surrounding landscaping and the need for additional structural support can impact the cost of installation. For instance the properties wiring may need to be updated to support the automatic gate operating system, or trees may need to be moved to make way for the swinging gate. 

Additional Features

Another thing to consider when budgeting for an automatic swing gate are additional features such as access control systems, security cameras, and intercom systems. These features can add several thousand to the total cost, depending on the complexity of the system and the gate's size and material.

Choosing an Automatic Swing Gate 

Automatic swing gates are an excellent choice for improving the security, property value, and overall aesthetic appeal of your property. An automatic swing gate adds a layer of privacy and security to your property, without giving up curb appeal. And with so many different options in gate style, material and automatic swing gate operating systems, you are able to create a swing gate that is perfect for your commercial, industrial or private property! 

In an increasingly uncertain world, an automatic swing gate can provide your family or business additional security. Modern automated swing gates can be outfitted with advanced security features such as security cameras, intercom systems, and keypad access to prevent any unauthorized entry of your property. 

In addition to providing safety, a well installed automatic swing gate adds value to your property, and can make it more attractive to future buyers. An automatic swing gate is often viewed as an added luxury and future selling point. 

Finding the right swing gate operator is important to getting the most out of this investment in your property. If you want to reap the security and property value benefits of an automatic swing gate, be sure to follow the steps we have outlined here to to ensure you are getting the most out of your automatic swing gate. That way you can enjoy the added security, luxury, comfort and curb appeal to your home that is brought with an automatic swing gate! 

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