Eagle Swing Gate Opener: Long Lasting Operation You Can Count On

There is a wide range of automatic gate openers on the market, from the simplest and cheapest to the most high-tech and heavy-duty models. It’s hard to know exactly what kind of gate opener may be the most beneficial for you! But when it comes to significant property investment, you don’t want to worry if your hardware will hold up or your technology will break down. 

The gate in front of your home or business is an important part of how it looks and functions. A non-functioning gate is an eyesore and a security risk that nobody wants to have to deal with. And when you need a professional to come and fix your gate, there’s no telling how long it will take for them to show up, much less get it back up and running. You want something you can trust will work all day, the very first time.


Why Eagle?

Eagle Swing Gate Openers work the first time, and the next, and the next. Created by Joe Afriat, all Eagle Gate Openers are manufactured in the United States, so you know you’re not getting a product with cheap components or repackaged materials made elsewhere with an American brand slapped on top. Operated out of southern California, all Eagle brand products have gone through an in-house research & development team built from the ground up by Joe Afriat himself.

Afriat was experienced in the fields of ironworks and electronics before ever getting into manufacturing his own secure access products. Eagle Access Control Systems was initially an installation company that installed gates and automatic components, so the Eagle team had seen all of the options out there for access control, and knew they could do better. Using his wealth of experience, Afriat and his team worked together to bring a new and improved durable gate module to the market. 

In 1998 the Eagle team put out their first automatic gate opener: the Eagle 2000. For the past 24 years, they have been building upon and improving on their initial design – as can be seen by their elaborate product list – including expansions on top of the 2000. The Eagle 2000 was built for commercial use, and you can see their industrial beginnings in all of Eagle’s Gate Opener designs. Eagle brand gate operators are some of the sturdiest options available for you: they are built to operate efficiently and last.

Since 1998 Afriat and Eagle Access Control Systems have branched out, and from the initial Eagle 2000 came a separate line of gate operators for swing gates. There are now three base models of this type, the Eagle-II, the Eagle-100, and the Eagle-200. Made specifically for swing gates instead of sliding gates, this line of Eagle Access Control products uses the same high-quality components and assures the same peace of mind as their earlier products while allowing you to utilize the type of gate you want.


Durable and Rugged

If you’re looking for a strong, durable gate module that will stand the test of time, Eagle Swing Gate Openers are the best option on the market. All models are equipped with at least a ½ HP motor and a #50 nickel-plated chain for a solid, secure, and consistent opening experience. Even their smallest swing gate opener is packed with enough power to open a 14’ gate up to 400 pounds, with the larger full horsepower model able to handle a 20’ gate up to 1000 pounds! 

Eagle Swing Gate Openers all utilize size 60 and 40 gear reducers inside of a quiet gearbox that provide long-term efficiency for the motor. The higher torque created lends to longevity and precise control of the swing arm, so Eagle Swing Gate Openers are perfect for high-traffic entrances requiring frequent, long-term use. The entire gate module is protected by their all-weather and UV-resistant cover so the sturdy machinery doesn’t have to weather the elements. 

Aside from the dependability of the parts and pieces Eagle uses, their design makes it incredibly easy to install. The last thing you want is to worry about this major new investment on your property and if it’s going to continue running correctly; but all of the Eagle Swing Gate Operators are installer-friendly, so you can rest easy knowing that it will never give you any problems. On top of all of this, Eagle is so sure of its products’ durability and soundness that they offer a 5-year warranty to all customers and a 7-year warranty for residential use.


Feature Packed

When buying an Eagle Swing Gate Opener, you can opt for an AC or DC power supply, or even solar if you prefer! Thanks to this variety of options, your gate can run any way you want – far from the building and battery-operated, or right outside of your driveway and plugged into your house’s power supply. This allows for a customized experience tailored to your exact needs. Some of Eagle’s Swing Gate Openers can be equipped with a solar panel, allowing for operation even if the battery runs out or your AC power is disconnected.

Eagle Swing Gate Openers are also safe, quiet, and smooth. They include the standard swivel arm hardware with a quick-release mechanism for operation during a power outage. Although the quick-release mechanism on the swivel arm can open the gate when power is not running, the gates have no other way to be opened, so your property stays completely protected even during an outage. 

All Eagle gate openers also include Eagle’s Diamond Control Board. This control board lets you manipulate how long your gate stays open to keep your property safe and secure, and is also created with anti-tailgating, stop-reverse, and open and close delay technology. Every facet of your gate that can be tailored to your own experience means less wear and tear on the gate itself from unnecessary use and less drag on your time as the user. 

No distributors or sellers in the market besides Eagle have guaranteed safety and reliability over such a long period of time. The high quality of the components used in their durable gate models is unparalleled, the Diamond Control Board takes the products to new levels of maneuverability. For the highest level of safety and convenience for your home or business, Eagle Swing Gate Openers should be your first choice.

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