Choosing the Right Gate Access Control and Security Systems for your Properties

You know you want to set up a secure gate system for your home or commercial property because it makes your property safer while keeping it extremely convenient to get in and out; the best of both worlds! On top of that, you’ve chosen the best brand on the market to supply that security. But which products from Eagle Access Control Systems will best serve your purposes?

When it comes to picking a gate access control system, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your property, your gate, and what experience you’re looking for. Someone looking to fence their yard is going to need different products and services than someone looking to secure a commercial property after-hours.


Environment vs. Gate Type

Eagle Access Control Systems supplies both sliding and swinging automatic gate openers. Both are great options to improve the look of your property, but which is the most practical for your space? Slide gates are popular for their space-saving properties. Operating on a track, slide gates merely move along the already-existing fenceline, requiring no extra clearance for cars on either side of the gate when it opens and closes. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about rocks or trees nearby that might hinder the path of these gates as they open, although you do need a flat space along the fenceline for the slide track to be laid.

Swing gates, on the other hand, require clearance space equal to the length of your gate on one side of the fence, as they have to open completely in one direction for a car to enter. You will need a large driveway area to accommodate a swing gate, even if you opt for a double swing gate to make the required distance shorter. However, swing gates have their advantages as the less maintenance-heavy option. Since they don’t require tracks, they’re less likely to get jammed by debris than slide gates. They also have a simpler opening mechanism, making repairs quicker and easier. 

Slide gates may work best for a commercial property without a lot of natural debris but with less free space to work with. For a house on a large lot, a swing gate may be more aesthetically pleasing and save you money over time. Another consideration you may take into account is that slide gate openers work well on longer gates, while swing gate openers can pull more weight. Evaluate your property, the width of your driveway, and the layout of your fenceline to decide on the best option for you.


Power and Strength

Now that you’ve picked a type of gate, you can focus on the fun stuff: pick your automatic gate opener and the features that come with it! The strength of the motor on the gate module is the most important part, as it has to apply directly to the gate you own. Eagle Access Control Systems offers both ½ HP, ¾ HP, and 1 HP gate operators so you can tailor your motor and price to the size of your gate.

Eagle’s slide and swing gate openers are conveniently named so you can identify which is best for the size of your gate and the frequency of use. The Eagle I, Eagle 100, and Eagle X9 are their smaller swing gate operators made for residential or light commercial use. These automatic swing gate openers work well on gates from 14 to 18 feet long and 400 to 800 pounds. For automatic sliding gate openers, Eagle offers both the Eagle II and the Eagle 1000 which can operate gates up to 27 feet and 600 pounds. These models should be considered if you are looking for a gate for your home or smaller commercial property, or simply have a short, light gate. Exact specifications for each model are detailed on Eagle’s website. 

If you have a long, heavy gate or a property with cars constantly entering and leaving, you will want to go with Eagle’s 200 or 2000 series, depending on your gate type. The Eagle 2000 for sliding gates can be purchased with a ½ HP or 1 HP motor, both of which are suitable for commercial uses. The ½ HP gate modules can operate up to 45 feet of gate at 1000 pounds, while the Eagle 2000 DM 1HP can operate gates at 50 feet weighing up to 2500 pounds. The Eagle 200 series offers the same motor customizations for swing gates and can operate gates up to 24 feet or 1000 pounds. 

If your gate weighs 600 pounds or less, you can invest in one of Eagle’s automatic gate openers for residential and light commercial use, and rest easy with the knowledge that your access control system is equipped to handle your gate and then some. If your gate surpasses 600 pounds, level up to Eagle’s 200 or 2000 series and watch as your automatic gate opener operates flawlessly thanks to the durability and quality of Eagle’s components. If you decide to utilize the 200 or 2000 series for residential use, you even get an extra 2 years on your warranty.

No matter which gate type and series of Eagle Access Control Systems’ catalog you pick, you also get to choose between AC or DC power for your gate. This allows you to install the hardware just feet away from your property, or on the other side of your lot!


Safety Features

All Eagle Access Control Systems automatic gate openers are equipped with Eagle’s incredibly customizable control boards, offering you a lot of freedom to alter your gate access experience. The mini-AC control board in the Eagle I and II allows you to adjust open right/open left, motor brake, and auto-close timer. The diamond control board offered on all other Eagle models offers motor brake, open/close delay, anti-tailgating, partial open, stop-reverse, and an auto-close timer as features. If you are purchasing an automatic gate opener for a commercial property, all of your available options include the diamond control board! 

All of Eagle’s products have fail-safe features in case of a power outage, so nobody is stuck inside or outside of your gate without a way through. This means any model you invest in will allow you and all other users to safely operate your gate at all times. But Eagle’s newest safety feature is a foot release pedal. The Foot Release (FR) models of the automatic slide gate openers allow you to use a foot pedal to disengage the operator from the gate. This exciting new safety feature makes opening the gate when power isn’t running quicker and easier than ever before. The foot release pedal can be padlocked into place so even a single person can utilize this feature!

To pick the best secure gate system for you and your needs, survey the area where you want to install the gate, measure the width of your entryway, choose the type of gate you want, and check out Eagle’s website. Whatever your requirements, Eagle has the perfect gate access control module for you.

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