How Much Does It Cost to Install an Automatic Gate Opener?

Homes and businesses all over the country are installing secure gate systems on their driveway entrances. These automatic entryways increase the security and value of your property. But how much does it cost to have one of these installed? Is it the right choice for you? You have a couple of different aspects to consider along the way. Do you already have a gate on your property? If you’re just hiring someone to install the secure gate system itself your costs will be lower, but if you’re starting from scratch on a fence-less, gate-less property, you’ll have to take that into account.


Choosing Your Gate

If your residential or commercial property is not already fenced and gated, that will be the first cost you need to consider. The installer may be able to offer you the materials and installation of your gate, but you may have to buy these yourself ahead of time. The material and size of the gate will affect how much you end up spending on it, so this choice cannot be neglected. If you already have a privacy or security gate on your property, you need not concern yourself with this section.

Materials such as vinyl or wood can keep you on the lower range of gate prices – starting at about $300 for smaller gates. But even these materials can get up into the range of $1000 for a gate, and they tend to be higher maintenance; breaking or needing touch-ups more often. Materials like steel or aluminum are more durable and long-lasting, but their prices start higher at $600+. 

Of course, if you choose a large, decorative gate for your property the prices will go up even more. For every 2’ you add to the gate size you purchase, the price rises by $200-$1000. The higher-end wood or steel gates can run you into the thousands. But your gate doesn’t need to be a giant wrought-iron masterpiece! Even the simplest designs will keep your property safe and enhance its curb appeal.  

The final aspect of choosing a gate for your property is deciding how you want it to open. Most automatic gate openers work with either sliding or swinging gates. A sliding gate will reduce the amount of space you need around your entryway and is harder to force open, but a swinging gate may better suit your aesthetic desires! The price difference between the two is negligible, so pick a gate that fits your entryway and serves your purposes.


Pick an Install Kit

Any secure gate system will include the motor that opens and closes the gate, a manual override of some kind, and a cover to keep the machinery safe from the elements – essentially it is what makes your gate operate as intended. The install kit you pick will be very dependent upon the size of your gate. Small motors like the kinds in automatic gate openers have their operation limits. An automatic gate opener for a home with a 10’ gate is going to need a completely different level of power than one for a 16’ steel door blocking access to a commercial facility. 

Residential secure gate systems are less expensive because they are required to do less. Generally, these are for gates from 10’ - 20’ long weighing less than 850 pounds. Usually, they run a ½ horsepower motor. Residential or less-heavy-duty automatic gate openers can cost as low as $200, but these are generally required to be self-installed and are fairly bare bones. They likely only open and close with the click of a button on a remote, with no special features whatsoever. More elaborate residential gate access control systems can include a sensor for when you’re leaving so the gate opens when a car approaches from inside, smartphone connectivity, remote access, and faster opening and closing speeds. Some models can even run on solar power! These higher-end residential gate openers will cost you closer to $1400 or $2000.

Commercial secure gate systems are larger, usually with a 1 horsepower motor, and are equipped to handle gates 16’ or longer and weighing 850 pounds or more. Some heavy-duty gate openers can be used on gates up to 40’ wide! Inevitably the prices for these motor kits are higher as they include more components, stronger machinery, and more torque. The smallest commercial-size automatic gate openers cost around $1800, but these are only equipped to handle smaller gates of up to approximately 600 to 1000 pounds. If you are installing a gate access control system in front of a business or residential complex and need a bigger or faster gate, something stronger is required. Thankfully the costs do not increase exponentially with strength, and large commercial gate openers generally run from $1900 to $2600. If you want to add bells and whistles like solar capabilities, sensors, intercoms, or remote access your price can end up closer to $5,000.


Who Installs My Gate Opener?

Finally, you need an installer. If you have a small gate, buy a residential installation kit, and are generally handy, this may be something you can achieve on your own. However, if you’ve opted for a heavier-duty opener or lots of extra features, it will be easier and safer to hire a professional – especially if electrical components are involved. The cost and weight of the equipment you’re working with make it all the more important to install everything correctly!

Installers will charge approximately $50 to $150 per hour to install your secure gate system. So once again, the price you end up paying will largely depend on what kind of gate you have chosen. A small wooden gate with just a motor and remotes will be a quick and cheap install. A 30’ steel gate with double swinging doors will be significantly more expensive. Generally, gate access control kits cost between $1500 and $2500 for installation, but this often includes the price of the machinery.


Final Costs

There is a lot of variety in gate access control, but if you already have a gate and fence on your property your best bet is to pick the solution that best fits your pre-existing hardware. The distributor of your automatic gate opener can advise you on what motor and tech will best serve your needs. If you do not yet have a gate and are purchasing one for the first time to be installed, your total cost including the gate, kit, and install process will start at only $1800. If you opt for a larger and fancier gate made of more decorative materials, your price could rise to somewhere between $2000 and $8000.

If you already have a fenced-in property and just want to automate your system, your install costs will be much lower: you just need to pay for the install kit and the cost of labor. This means your costs could be as low as the price of the automatic gate opener itself! If you already have the fencing, your costs will be somewhere in the range of $1500-$2500 total. The benefits of adding an automatic gate to your property make the costs almost a non-issue. Having an automatic gate on your property greatly increases its security, adds decoration to the exterior of your property, and increases resale value. If you invest in a proper install, your gate should run perfectly for years to come, and reputable brands offer multiple-year warranties. Reach out to a distributor in your area to schedule your secure gate system installation today.

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