In order to qualify, please read our terms and conditions below:

1. Both items should be identical

The item with lower price must be exactly the same product and currently in stock.

2. Item must be in NEW condition

We sell only brand new, unopened items. If the product you found is in used, refurbished, or opened box condition, its value is lower and thus ineligible to qualify for the Best Price Guarantee Program.

3. The competitor must be a factory authorized reseller

The competing online seller should be legitimate. The store should have the manufacturer's authorization to distribute the product.

4. Price must include shipping and item should be available for shipping on the same day or within 24 hours

At Gate Operators Direct USA, we offer FREE Shipping with same-day (or within 24 hrs) order processing. We guarantee on-time delivery of shipments. If the product you found is cheaper because it is for pick up only or it does not include any shipping rates, then we will calculate or adjust the price difference to confirm which one is cheaper.

5. The competitor must have a legitimate website or online store. If the competitor only has a retail store, we require proof of store, product and price

The seller/store must not be fraudulent. If in case you found the cheaper product at a retail store, please submit photos of the product and the contact information of the store, so we could verify its legitimacy.

All conditions must be met in order to qualify. Please email us at for more information. Our Best Price Guarantee Program cannot be used or combined with other discounts, promotions, or limited-time offers. Sales tax and shipping are not included in the price adjustment calculations. Gate Operators Direct LLC reserves the right to modify or edit our Terms & Conditions.