The Best Commercial and Residential Automatic Slide Gate Opener

You know your property needs a gate access control system – you want improved security, more convenience, or simply a nicer, sleeker look for the front of your building. Automatic slide gate openers achieve all of this and more for your property. Slide gate openers require less clearance space and are a great choice for properties of all sorts. But which gate access control system is the right one for you?

Your choice depends on a couple of factors you may or may not have considered yet. Automatic slide gate openers come in a range of choices, from straightforward and cheap options that just open or close with the click of a button to incredibly manipulable and heavy-duty systems at top price points. Not every property needs precisely the same system, so what are the best options out there? Weighing affordability, customizability, durability, and reliability, we’ve come up with the four best options on the market for residential and commercial slide gate openers.


Eagle Automatic Slide Gate Openers

Eagle Automatic Slide Gate Openers broke into the gate access control scene in 1998 when the owner and creator moved into manufacturing from the automatic gate installation business after having experienced which components were most trustworthy and which features were most desirable. Eagle’s products are affordable but easy to customize – their Diamond Control Board allows the property owner control over every aspect of their gate access control experience. Whether for residential or commercial purposes, you can tailor your gate’s speed and accessibility to your exact liking, a feature you often need to pay extra for from other manufacturers.

Eagle’s Automatic Slide Gate Openers are extremely powerful gate access control systems fitted for residential or commercial use. Their 2 HP model is created for businesses with high traffic or larger, longer gates up to 3500 pounds! The commercial and residential models alike are equipped with a no-weld kit to make installation even easier and more affordable for you, whatever your use case. Eagle also offers both AC and DC power options and all of their models come with a fail-secure crank so your gate can be opened in the case of a power outage, keeping your property safe even when power has stopped flowing through your system.

A smaller name in the industry, Eagle Automatic Slide Gate Openers made this list because they offer an all-around excellent experience at a phenomenal price point with some of the sturdiest models out there. They also boast one of the best warranties on the market at 5 years for most or 7 years for some residential uses. If you’re looking for a gate opener that does it all and lasts forever, this is the brand for you.



Liftmaster is one of the biggest names in the gate access control industry. They came to be 45 years ago and have been dominating the scene ever since. Their big name allows them to include some of the best and newest tech in their models, including live monitoring of your gate access system from your smartphone for no extra cost. Liftmaster’s ½ HP motor can open gates all the way up to 50’ and 1000 pounds, an impressive length for a “smaller” model of automatic slide gate opener. They also offer dual slide openers, a more expensive but decorative and popular style for both residential and commercial properties.

Liftmaster’s Automatic Slide Gate Openers offer an impressive battery backup in case of power outages, allowing for 114 cycles or up to 63 days of operation even after losing power, thanks to their efficient power management system. This keeps your property gated while still allowing you convenient access, as opposed to waiting on a repair or the power to return. Liftmaster’s warranties vary by product but are generally very benevolent, lasting anywhere from 3 to 7 years depending on the model and your use case, though the warranty is contingent on installation by a professional electrician. Though their price points are higher than some others on this list, Liftmaster has a great reputation in the industry, and their products are well-known for a reason: they are excellent.



Doorking has the largest selection of Automatic Slide Gate Openers. Their distribution website offers 9 different models for sliding gate openers, all of which allow you to choose between ½ and 1 HP motors, essentially raising your choice of opener to 18 different models! This allows you to pick the best gate access module for your property and install it immediately, without having to personally customize every step of the experience. 

Doorking is lacking in mid-range models, as their slide gate operators work on gates from 500 to 1000 pounds. However, Doorking is one of the few residential and commercial distributors that offers extremely heavy-duty, large-size models above 2 HP. Their 9500 series of automatic slide gate openers run from 5 to 10 HP with many options in between for gate weights of up to 28000 pounds! This truly sets Doorking apart as a distributor that provides for smaller residential applications without leaving its industrial customer base behind.

Unfortunately, Doorking does not sell directly and their warranty and price information is available only through local dealers, so you must choose an installer before receiving specific information on their products. Their prices are comparable to other similar-sized gate access control systems, and though they have an amazing range and variety of products, their accessibility lacks compared to the first two suppliers. But if you are committed to installing a gate access control system and already know what specs you want, going through Doorking’s site to find a dealer could be your best bet for the perfect security system for you!


All-O-Matic is another big name in the automatic gate opener industry. The highest price point on this list, All-O-Matic has to perform well to beat the competition, and they do. Even their smaller slide gate openers pack a punch: even at ½ HP, their SL-150 DC can open gates weighing up to 3000 pounds! All-O-Matic’s Automatic Slide Gate Openers are tuned toward expensive but brawny, with their highest capacity motor moving gates up to 8000 pounds. 

Every All-O-Matic gate access control system comes with a 5+ year warranty, adding another notch to their belt as the “luxury” brand on this list. All models come with a battery backup that promises up to 100 cycles after a power outage, but smaller models can operate for up to two weeks! All gate modules from this brand are compatible with solar panels for extra backup or as an energy-saving measure. Additionally, this brand includes an emergency foot-pedal release, giving All-O-Matic the trophy for the most backup and safety features.

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