When it comes to home security, nothing can beat an electric motor gate opener. By outfitting your residential property with an electric motor gate opener you can rest easy knowing that your property is protected on many levels. Read on to learn more about electric motor gate openers and why you should consider one for your security needs. 

Enhanced Property Access Control

The most important safety feature of a gate with an automatic gate opener is also the most obvious. An electric motor gate provides improved access control for your property, for both foot traffic and vehicles. By installing a motor gate you are making sure that no persons or vehicles can enter the property without your permission, which reduces the risk of crimes such as trespassing, vandalism, theft and more. It is also a great option for those who deal with unsanctioned parking on their property. 

Ward Off Intruders and Trespassers

Do you have a problem with trespassers on your property? Worried about theft, vandalism, and other crime? Simply installing a gate with an electric motor shows that you are serious about home security, and the gate alone is a strong deterrent to any potential intruders. By installing an automatic gate you give your property the perception of high security, and that is enough to make would-be criminals look elsewhere. 

Increase Privacy for your Property

Whether they are bars or screens, a gate with an electric motor adds an additional layer of privacy for your property. The physical barrier means that you can feel safe in your home, knowing that unauthorized persons and vehicles cannot access the premises. A screen gate can also block the view of your property from prying eyes, which is especially valuable to homeowners that want their privacy. 

Controlling Traffic 

With an electric motor gate, all of the entry and exit points of the property can be easily controlled, some of them from a remote location. This is not only useful for property owners to determine who is granted access and when, but also to monitor all of the traffic in and out of the property. This control minimizes risk from unwanted persons but also prevents people from driving through your property without your permission. 

Remote Operation

Gone are the days where you had to have a security guard to open and close gates. An electric motor gate means that you can open and close the gate from anywhere, at any time. Gate access can be monitored from the convenience of home, office or car. With no need for manual gate opening, you can avoid interactions with unwanted visitors and control access to the property without leaving home. 

In Case of Emergency

Modern electric motor gates are designed to provide emergency exit routes. Many gates have manual overrides in case of power loss, fire, natural disaster or any other emergencies. Some open automatically while others have manual overrides, but either way an electric motor gate offers safe and quick evacuation for occupants.

Visitor Management

Electric motor gates enable effective visitor management for your property, giving great peace of mind. All visitors are required to stop at the gate and check in before entering the property and when leaving. This process allows property owners to keep a log of visitors, monitor their movements on the property and verify their identity. This kind of accountability is very useful in cases of crime and theft, and is also useful overall for large properties that have a lot of being coming and going at different times, such as visiting hours or large parties. 

Vandalism and Theft Prevention

Electric motor gates act as a physical deterrent against vandalism and theft. They make it difficult for vandals or thieves to target a property, as the gate presents an additional obstacle that must be overcome. Once inside, a gate makes it almost impossible to take anything off of the property. 

Enhanced Safety for Children and Pets 

If you have small children or a dog that is an escape artist, consider a fence and gate with a motorized opener. This physical boundary can help errant young children and pets from wandering into traffic or getting lost. With modern electric motor gate opener features such as path blocking detection and automatic opening, you can also ensure your pets and children are safe. 

Save Money on Insurance

By installing an electric motor gate on your property and notifying your insurance company you may qualify for reduced insurance premiums for things like criminal insurance and vandalism insurance. Often discounts are offered for properties with enhanced security, and nothing is more secure than a gate with a motorized opener. 

Electric Motor Gate Features that can Enhance Property Safety

Simply having an electric motor gate opener and gate, as well as a fence, greatly enhances your home security. However, those who are serious about security can find many electric gate opener accessories to increase the security of the property. Read on to learn more about what kind of features can enhance the safety of your property. 

Video Surveillance

Want to add another layer of security to your electric motor? Consider a video surveillance system. Many electric motor gates have built in video cameras that can either run constantly or only when triggered by the gate opening or closing, allowing you to have a video log of who enters and exits the property. This log is useful evidence in case of a security incident or property breach. 

Alarm Detection

Electric motor gates can be equipped with intrusion alarms which are triggered by unauthorized attempts to breach the gate and enter the property. The alarms can either be silent, alerting security personnel and authorities, or they can be auditory alarms. Either way, an alarm system and a gate are usually enough to deter any would-be trespasser or burglar, and greatly improve the security of your property

Anti-Climb Deterrents 

While most residential properties do not need this level of security, adding anti-climbing deterrents to your electric gate can prevent even the most brazen of intruders. These deterrents include adding barbed or razor wire along the top of the fence, which obviously are a physical barrier to entry. Another anti-climb deterrent is anti-climb paint. Anti-climb paint is very thick and slippery, making it impossible for an intruder to climb the gate (and covering them in greasy paint in the process.) 

Integration with Home Security Systems

If you already have a security system in your home, you can integrate it with the electric motor gate opener for seamless control and monitoring of your property. Many of these systems allow for monitoring through apps and other convenient methods, so you can keep an eye on your home when away. Property owners can control the gate without even having to be home. 

Access Control Systems 

Access control systems are a critical component of electric gate safety. They allow the property owner to vet who does and does not enter the property, and when. There are many different types of access control systems that can be used with electric motor gate openers. Here are a few examples:

Keypad Access Control

Keypad access control systems are some of the most common access control systems for electric motor gate openers. The reason for this is that they are some of the best– keypads are convenient and easy to use, allowing the property owner to assign a unique pin or code to allow entry. The codes can be easily reset if there is a security breach. 

RFID Readers 

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is when a proximity reader picks up the radio frequency of an opener or key fob for the electric motor gate. When the card or opener is detected, the gate opens and allows entry. This is another popular access control method due to its convenience and ease of use– simply give the key fobs to those who need access. 

Biometric Access Control

Considered one of the more cutting edge access control systems, biometric access control uses unique biological characteristics to determine who is allowed access. These characteristics include fingerprints, iris patterns, facial recognition, and more. These systems offer an incredibly high level of security because they are so hard to breach or trick, ensuring that only authorized individuals with registered biometric data can enter the premises. 

Bluetooth and Security Apps

Most modern security systems allow you to control security features with an app on your phone. With this mobile technology authorized users can control the gate with a click in an app. This is convenient and useful for people who always have their phone on them anyway. 

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems integrate with the motorized gate opener to facilitate communication between visitors at the gate and those inside the property. This is a convenient way to see who is at the gate without having to leave the comfort of home. Visitors can use the intercom to request entry from their car and the property owners or security can verify their identity before remotely opening the gate. This system adds an extra layer of security by allowing communication and verification before granting access.

Video Camera Access Control

Much like an intercom system, a video surveillance system of visitors at the gate allows you to see who is coming to the property without leaving your home. Many electric motor gate openers come with video cameras for exactly that reason. 

Access Control Software 

Access Control Software always centralized management of motorized gate openers along with other entry and exit points such as doors and windows on the home. This Access Control Software can act like a digital security team, keeping a log of your property while you are not around, monitor permissions, generate access reports and integrate with the rest of your home security system. 

Time-Based Access Control

Time-based access control systems allow property owners to specify specific time periods during which authorized individuals can access the property through the motorized gate opener. This system is particularly useful for businesses with specific operating hours or for granting temporary access to contractors or visitors.

Conduit Security Systems

If you are investing in an electric motor gate opener for property security, you likely already have a home security system. Motorized gate openers can be integrated with broader security systems, such as alarm systems or surveillance cameras, to enhance overall property security. When an authorized individual activates the gate opener, the system can disarm the security alarms or trigger specific surveillance actions to ensure a smooth and secure entry process.

Vehicle and License Plate ID Systems 

Vehicle identification systems, such as RFID tags or license plate recognition cameras, can be used with motorized gate openers to automatically grant access to authorized vehicles. This system eliminates the need for drivers to manually present access credentials, providing a convenient and efficient solution for vehicle access control. This can be especially useful for properties that have a lot of vehicle traffic, such as 

Electric Motor Gate Openers: Home Security You Can Trust 

As we have shown, electric motor gates offer numerous ways to improve security for your home. They provide enhanced access control, increased privacy, and serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars. In fact, studies show that simply having a gate and security system is enough to deter most criminals from your property. 

In addition, electric motor gate openers allow for controlled entry and exit, ensuring that no one unauthorized enters the apartment. Modern electric motor gate openers also offer remote operation, and can be integrated with access control, surveillance, and alarm systems for seamless and convenient security. Electric motor gates also facilitate emergency exits, help in traffic control, enable visitor management, prevent vandalism and theft, ensure child and pet safety, integrate with home automation systems, and may lead to reduced insurance premiums.

Everyone wants to feel safe at home. With an electric motor gate opener you get the most out of convenience and safety, knowing that your family, visitors and pets are safe. 

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