10 benefits of a residential gate

Have you been looking for the right way to add to the safety and security of your home without making it inconvenient for your family or having to install surveillance cameras all over your property?

There’s actually an easy, affordable, and attractive way to protect your home and improve your privacy, all while saving you money over time! Perhaps you’ve known about automatic residential gates for years but couldn’t justify the renovations to yourself, or maybe a friend recently installed a residential gate and you’re curious if it may be right for your home as well.

Here are ten reasons why a security gate for your home is absolutely the right choice:

1. Security

An automatic gate makes it impossible for unwanted visitors to drive, turn around, or park on your property. Burglary is much more difficult without easy access to the home, and many residential gates keep record of who enters or have cameras to give you 24/7 surveillance of the edge of your property. Whether you live in a crowded city or a secluded country home, knowing who has access to your property and when will give you peace of mind even when you’re not at home monitoring it.

2. Property Value Increase

Gates are a popular design choice nowadays, and homeowners know they have many perks. Therefore, when it comes to selling your house, an automatic gate wrapping the property will bring in more buyers and higher bids. Families with children or pets are more likely to choose your home over others for the added sense of security they are investing in. 

3. Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Due to the added security and crime deterrent of your residential gate, many homeowner’s insurance policies will give you a reduction in price for protecting your property in this way. Increased vigilance and protection mean a lower liability for them, and lower premiums for you! 

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

A residential gate can come in many different materials, colors, and styles, all of which allow you to customize the front of your property in any way you like. A fence and gate with your own unique flair will bring a sense of sophistication and ownership to your property. After all, your home is your castle!

5. Safe Lawn Area

If you have children or pets, or both, you know keeping them occupied and safe is a full-time job. Installing a fence and automatic gate opener on your property allows you all the ease of an open driveway without the fear of your loved ones running out into the street when you turn your head. Get rid of the worries that come with living near an active road and give your little ones the sense of safety and serenity that come with having their own private play area. No more will you need to leash up your dogs in your front yard or yell at your children not to get any closer to the edge of the yard. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about strangers’ cars turning around in your driveway or pulling up to the wrong house.

6. Cost-Effective

An automatic residential gate gives you the benefits of security and privacy without breaking the bank. Gate openers cost just pennies a day – or even less if you go for solar – to run and save you thousands in the long run from the insurance premiums and the increased property value of your home detailed below.  

7. Keep Out Unwanted Critters

Anyone living outside (or even inside) of a major city knows the annoyance of finding deer pellets all over your freshly mowed lawn. Maybe your dog rolled in them playing outside, or maybe they’re ruining the green pasture you spent your entire Saturday fixing up! Either way, deer and other wildlife can be a big hassle to have on your property. They eat your gardens and leave only a mess behind. Depending on where you live, maybe you have the same problem with cattle, coyotes, or even big cats! Or perhaps you want your neighbor’s dog to stop peeing on your beloved trees. Either way, a residential gate is the #1 way to keep unwanted visitors off of your lawn. Nobody wants their children stepping in a pile of deer pellets, or their dogs barking up a storm every time a new animal walks into their view from the window. Keep your yard your yard with a residential gate!

8. Crime Deterrent

Homes with a gate are much less likely to be targeted for a crime. Your home, garage, cars, etc. are not visible and your habits of coming and going are less easily observable. Many crimes are committed out of convenience for the intruder – an unlocked car or front door or an expensive bike left out on a lawn. Cut this possibility off at the source and make your home unattractive to criminals by taking it off the map visually! A gate also suggests a penchant for home security, and most unauthorized visitors won’t want to even chance looking inside. 

9. Convenience – let people in and out

Automatic gate openers save time when you’re coming or going, and they don’t break the bank to do so. Running on electricity or solar power, gate openers cost only pennies a day to operate, while offering all the advantages of the points below. Adding an attached garage, installing an invisible fence, or using a home security system do not offer all of these benefits and don’t create a peaceful and protected front yard space. On top of all that, a residential automatic gate allows you to let in friends and family from the convenience of your couch, or even remotely from the app on your phone!

10. Privacy

Your home belongs to you! And yet as long as you live in a residential area, you never know who might be walking past your front window, walking their dog near your yard, or even looking out of their own window onto your property. In your own home, you shouldn’t have to be worried about how to dress or act or constantly have your blinds down! Take back the privacy of a private home with a residential gate. Materials like wood or slatted steel make it so your space is completely your own by protecting you against peeping toms, even accidental ones. With a fence around your property, even your front yard can be like a private room in your house. 

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